Useful Links

The following telephone numbers and web links are provided to help you find information about living in the Parramatta area.


  • Calling Emergency Services – Police, Fire or Ambulance: DIAL OOO

Visa Information

  • The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIABP)

For visa information: Department of Immigration & Border Protection

General enquiries

Telephone: 131 881

Local Offices:

Ground Floor, 26 Lee Street, Sydney NSW 2000

9 Wentworth Street, Parramatta NSW 2150

Counter hours: 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday

Travel Information

Train information, timetables, fares: Sydney Trains

Bus information, timetables and fares: Sydney Buses

Ferry information, timetables, fares: Sydney Ferries

Transport information – trains, buses & ferries): Transport Information

Legal Aid

In every state and territory there are community organisations that work to inform people of their legal rights and obligations, and to improve their access to the justice system.

Law Aid NSW Website: Legal Aid NSW

Consumer Rights

Ombudsman offices exist to investigate complaints about government organisations and private companies in some industries. They can take action to stop unlawful, unjust or discriminatory treatment, or intervene to try to get a fairer outcome for you.

NSW Ombudsman

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) gives consumers some protection against unfair business practices in the field of pricing, anti-competitive and unfair market practices, and product safety. Some contact numbers are:

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 1300 302 502
Commonwealth Ombudsman 1300 362 072
Advertising Standards Bureau (02) 6262 9822
Banking and Financial Services Ombudsman 1300 780 808
Credit Union Dispute Resolution Centre 1300 780 808
Financial Ombudsman Service 1300 780 808
Insurance Ombudsman Service 1300 780 808
Financial Co-operative Dispute Resolution Scheme 1300 780 808
Private Health Insurance Ombudsman 1800 640 695
Superannuation Complaints Tribunal (SCT) 1300 780 808
Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (02) 9264 8050
Office of Fair Trading 13 3220
Energy and Water Ombudsman (NSW EWON) 1800 246 545

Driving in New South Wales

For information about driving licences, Rules of the Road, driving tests, go to the NSW Road Traffic Authority – RTA Home Page

The Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages is a telephone directory or section of a directory (usually printed on yellow paper) where business products and services are listed alphabetically.  They are a great time-saver and very useful when you are looking for specific products or services.

Yellow Pages local business directory


Lifeline’s 13 11 14 service is staffed by trained volunteer telephone counsellors who are ready to take calls 24-hour a day, any day of the week from anywhere in Australia. These volunteers operate from Lifeline Centres in every State and Territory around Australia.

Anyone can call Lifeline. The service offers a counselling service that respects everyone’s right to be heard, understood and cared for.  They also provide information about other support services that are available in communities around Australia. Lifeline telephone counsellors are ready to talk and listen no matter how big or how small the problem might seem. They are trained to offer emotional support in times of crisis or when callers may be feeling low or in need of advice.

Poisons Information Line

The poisons information line provides the public and health professionals with prompt, up-to-date and appropriate information, and advice to assist in the management of poisonings and suspected poisonings. The seriousness of a poisoning situation is assessed after a detailed history is obtained from the caller. Members of the public may be then given first aid instructions, information on possible symptoms, and advised on the need for assessment by a doctor or referral to hospital.

The Australia-wide Poisons Information Centres have a common telephone number: 131 126.

Emergency Translation

For translation service in an emergency situation dial 1300 655 010

Mental Health

Living in a new culture can be stressful and difficult. If you feel lonely or stressed, talk to friends or Institute staff. For more serious issues, your GP or medical health centre are available to refer you to professionals who can help.

‘Beyond Blue’ is a national, independent, not-for-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related substance misuse disorders in Australia. It is a bipartisan initiative of the Australian, state and territory governments with a key goal of raising community awareness about depression and reducing stigma associated with the illness. It works in partnership with health services, schools, workplaces, universities, media and community organisations, as well as people living with depression, to bring together their expertise around depression.

Visit Beyond Blue on for helpful information.

Physical Health

A big part of staying healthy involves eating healthy foods, and getting enough exercise for fitness and relaxation. Nutrition Australia provides some great information about healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle on its website

Bank & ATM Locations in Parramatta

Job Advertisement Websites

(Source: On-line search)


Getting a Tax File Number

You must obtain a Tax File Number to be able to work in Australia.  A tax file number (TFN) is your unique reference number to our tax system.  When you start work, your employer will ask you to complete a tax file number declaration form.  If you do not provide a TFN your employment will be taxed at the highest personal income tax rate, which will mean less money in your wages each week.

You can apply for your TFN online at online tax file number (TFN) application, or phone 13 28 61, 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.  For the ATO translating and interpreter service phone: 13 14 50.

Equality & Antidiscrimination

You have the right to be respected and to have your needs considered as fairly as everyone else. Similarly, you should respect other people, whether they were born in Australia or migrated here.

Under federal and state/territory anti-discrimination laws, no person should be treated less favorably than others because of their age, race, country of origin, sex, marital status, pregnancy, political or religious belief, disability or sexual preference. This applies to most areas, including employment, education, accommodation, buying goods, and access to services such as doctors, banks and hotels. Men and women are equal under the law and for other purposes.

The Australian Human Rights Commission administers Commonwealth law in the area of human rights, anti-discrimination and social justice.

Australian Human Rights Commission 1300 369 711

Anti-Discrimination Board of New South Wales

Sydney (general office number) (02) 9268 5555
Sydney (general enquiry service and employer advisory service) (02) 9268 5544


Crime is usually described as any behaviour or act that against the law and may result in punishment. Everyone in Australia is expected to obey all Australia laws. For more information on criminal offences and the role of police in Australia, go to NSW Police Force

If you do break the law are arrested and need to attend a court appearance you will need legal representation to negotiate Australia’s complex legal system.

If you witnessed a criminal offence or if you have information which may help police solve a crime contact:

Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000

Legal Aid

In every state and territory there are community organisations that work to inform people of their legal rights and obligations, and to improve their access to the justice system.

Legal Aid NSW 1300 888 529
Law Aid NSW Website:  Legal Aid NSW 

Drug Information

For information about drugs including alcohol and how it affects you, please see the Australian Drug Foundation website:

Tenant Rights

For information about the rights you have as a tenant while renting accommodation form a landlord, visit the Tenants Union of NSW:

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New Campus in Sydney

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