Our English Course Pathway

Most students will start their English studies with the General English course. As you move through the General English levels, Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate, your English skills will have reached a level to allow you enter the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course. The EAP 1 course is at a lower level as you may not yet have sufficient language skills to manage EAP materials immediately. For this reason the EAP 1 course has a strong academic language focus – grammar, vocabulary and syntax. When your language is strengthened during the EAP 1 course, you are ready to start the EAP 2 course which focuses strongly on English academic learning skills – reading, writing, speaking & listening. You may also gain direct entry to the EAP 2 course if you decide to complete the General English Program to Upper Intermediate level.

Completing the EAP 2 course will now provide you with a pathway to a wide range of Vocational Education programs up to Advanced Diploma level. Both EAP courses are 10 weeks in duration. You may choose to complete one 10 week course or both 10-week courses depending on the EAP grade you require.

If your English learning goal is to complete an IELTS examination, to increase your previous score by one or two levels or to enter third level education that has an IELTS entry requirement, competing the EAP courses provides a strong foundation for entry to the IELTS Preparation course. Both IELTS courses are 12 weeks in duration. You may choose to do one 12-week course or both 12-week courses depending on your IELTS requirements.


Latest News

2017-05-16 6:40

New Campus in Sydney

Elite English Institute is working on having a new campus in the heart of Sydney to compliment our facilities in Parramatta.  More news coming soon.