General English

(CRICOS Course Code: 072830K)

Levels:      Beginner to Upper – Intermediate

Duration:   Full time – 20 hours per week

 Most overseas students who commence their English studies for the first time will take the General English (GE) course. It is really a ‘stepping stone’ to more specialised or academic courses that students may study when their English skills have improved.

General English prepares students for the kind of English they will need in everyday real-life situations. Elite’s General English program is designed to develop your communication skills and fluency in reading, writing, speaking and listening. These are called the ‘macro skills’.  Of course, the GE course also concentrates on improving your grammar knowledge so that the accuracy of your communication gradually improves as you move through the levels of the GE program. Increasing your range of vocabulary is also extremely important part of the GE course.

You may have heard the term ‘Communicative approach to language teaching’.  Communicative Language Teaching means that the most important thing about teaching you English is that everything you learn in class is to help you communicate with others, inside and outside the classroom.

The entry levels for the different General English levels are as follows:

Table 1


All full-time courses for international students must be at least 20 hours per week. Below is an example of a weekly syllabus.

Below is a sample of the syllabus from the GE Pre-Intermediate level course that shows you what you will be learning during the course.

How many tests will I get?

Both you and your teachers will want to know how your English is improving. Your teacher will give you an ‘informal’ (formative) test every week. This will usually be based on what you studied in class that week.

These test results provide useful information both to you and your teacher(s) about how well you are doing. They also give useful information on skills areas that may need more work. If your teacher finds that many students need more work on, for example, writing using the past tense, then he/ she can do more class work to help all class members. If you and your teacher identifies that you have a weakness with your listening skills, then you can make a study plan by using your independent learning time to practise listening skills.

You will also have more formal tests (summative) at the halfway point and at the end of each English language level to check that you are ready to move to the next level.

What will I receive at the end of my course?

When you finish your course, you will receive;

  1. a GRADUATION CERTIFICATE which will state your English level using the CEFR scales
  2. a CERTFICATE OF ATTENDANCE stating your percentage attendance during your course.

To see a sample of what these certificates look like, click on the links below;



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