Brigitta recently celebrated her birthday. Here are a few shots from the party.

files/images/Current Students/RIMG0026.JPG



Bridget, before she cut the cake (above)

files/images/Current Students/RIMG0028.JPG

Serina and May (above)

files/images/Current Students/RIMG0029.JPG

David, Malcolm, Harnit, Andrea, Bridget, Serina and May (above and below)

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files/images/Current Students/RIMG0033.JPG

Harnit and Andrea (above)

files/images/Current Students/RIMG0034.JPG

Malcolm (above)

files/images/Current Students/RIMG0035.JPG

Ivy gives Bridget a birthday present (above)


Excursion to Old Government House, Parramatta

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Quinn, Sofia, Khetab and Manuele

files/images/Current Students/DSC02964.JPG

Quinn, Sofia, Khetab and Manuele

files/images/Current Students/DSC02965.JPG

Quinn, Selen and Sofia

files/images/Current Students/DSC02966.JPG

Quinn, Selen and Sofia

files/images/Current Students/DSC02967.JPG

Manuel, Quinn, Selen, Magda (teacher) and Sofia

Old Government House – in the background

Standing within 200 acres of parkland overlooking historic Parramatta, Old Government House is Australia’s oldest public building. For seven decades it was the ‘country’ residence of the first 10 Governors of the colony, including Governor and Mrs Macquarie who, from 1810 to 1821, preferred the clean air and space of rural Parramatta to the unsanitary and crime ridden streets of Sydney Town.

The central block of the house was built in 1799 by Governor John Hunter, however the appearance of the house today is largely thanks to Governor and Mrs Macquarie. Their 1815 extensions, designed by Macquarie’s Aide, Lieutenant John Watts, transformed the house into an elegant Palladian style residence.

Visitors to the property today can step straight into the fashions of 1821, with their Anglo and Indian influences and strong emphasis on colour, through a meticlously researched ‘soft furnishings’ program. This has transformed the main rooms of the house to recreate the tastes and styles of Mrs Macquarie, influenced as they were by distance and a climate very different to ‘home’. Rooms are furnished with pieces from the National Trust’s collection of early colonial furniture; the largest collection in Australia.


files/images/Current Students/DSC02970.JPG

Quinn and Sofia at Old Government House.




files/images/Current Students/Manuele.JPG

Above – Manuele’s graduation in August 2012


files/images/Current Students/Khetab.JPG

Khetab has now finished, after a year.



[files/images/Current Students/Sofia.JPGnbsp]

Graduation for Sofia – above and below.

files/images/Current Students/Sofia_cert.JPG

Below – May Liu’s graduation.

files/images/Current Students/May_Liu.JPG


Below – Porn’s Graduation. Suppaporn, from Southern Thailand, was only here for a short time, but we were very sorry to see her go.

files/images/Current Students/porn2a.jpg


Jingge came to Australia for a holiday – and studied with us for a few weeks.

files/images/Current Students/JinggeSONGa.jpg




files/images/Current Students/Athena-b.jpg

Athena (above) worked very hard and is moving on to University.


Qinn has studied with us for a whole year – and on January 17 we had a farewell. As well as being a basketball player at a very high level, Qinn also models.

files/images/Current Students/Qin-farewell-1.jpg


files/images/Current Students/Qin-farewell-2.jpg


On February 14th, Valentina graduated from the IELTS Preparation class. How appropriate that it was St Valentines Day.

files/images/Current Students/photo (2) -web.JPG


files/images/Current Students/photo - web.JPG


Also finishing, on 14th February, was Hanna Kim. Here she is with teachers Magda and David.

files/images/Current Students/photo (3) - web.JPG


On Australia Day Magda’s class made lamingtons – an lesson in reading and listening to instructions…. and producing something really tasty and traditional.

files/images/Current Students/photo (4)web-b.jpg



Below – Hanna, Jason and Maggie

files/images/Current Students/photo (6) -web.JPG

Making lamingtons on Australia Day (below) Rebecca, Hjoji, Hanna and Maggie

[nfiles/images/Current Students/photo (5) -web.JPGbsp]

Graduation- our first students from Pakistan. Faheem, Waqar,Arbab and Ali finished this week, and are moving on to university.

files/images/Current Students/Pak-photo (10)b.jpg


files/images/Current Students/Pak-photo (2)a.jpg


files/images/Current Students/Pak-photo (3)a.jpg


files/images/Current Students/Pak-photo (4)a.jpg

files/images/Current Students/Pak-photo (6)a.jpg


files/images/Current Students/Pak-photo (7)a.jpg


files/images/Current Students/Pak-photo (9)b.jpg


files/images/Current Students/Pak-photo-a.jpg

Hyoji (below) has finished her course and is moving on. She worked very hard and was a great student.

files/images/Current Students/photo (2)b.jpg


Jessica was with us for 24 weeks and is going back to France. She worked really hard and we wish her the best with her career plans.

files/images/Current Students/Jessica.JPG

Maria, who is a trained opera singer, is going back to Italy after studying with us over the Summer. Several time she brought the school to a standstill, with her beautiful, and amazingly powerful singing. Many staff members crowded at the door to see her impromptu concerts.

files/images/Current Students/Maria.JPG

On Friday 19th April, the University of New England (UNE) opened a new campus in Parramatta, directly behind Impact/Elite. We are now neighbours. There was a street festival and the local football club, the EELS came along to meet and greet and sign autographs. Is that Jarryd Hayne in blue?

files/images/Current Students/football signing.jpg]

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