Manuals & Handbooks

On this page, you can download a range of Elite English Institute’s documents that are designed to help you before and after your arrival in Australia.

The Student Handbook which you will receive on your first day at Elite provides specific information about Elite English Institute, its courses and how to find your way around the Institute.

International Student Handbook

Many students ask how long it will take to complete their English studies or to reach their desired level of English. The following Course Duration Table provides you with some guidelines on the duration of study required.

ELICOS Programs Levels Duration
General English Beginner 10 weeks
Elementary 14 weeks
Pre- Intermediate 14 weeks
Intermediate 12 weeks
Upper Intermediate 14 weeks
English for Academic Purpose (EAP) Intermediate 10 weeks
Upper Intermediate 10 weeks
IELTS Preparation Upper Intermediate 10-12 weeks
Advanced 10-12 weeks

 We want everything to run smoothly for you on your first day at Elite. The Orientation Day Checklist gives you a list of documentation and equipment that you should bring with you on your first day.

Orientation Day Checklist

The Australian Government has an official website called ‘Study in Australia’ which can be found at This website is available in a number of languages. It provides a wide range of information for international students wishing to study in Australia.

Latest News

2017-05-16 6:40

New Campus in Sydney

Elite English Institute is working on having a new campus in the heart of Sydney to compliment our facilities in Parramatta.  More news coming soon.